Save More Than You Think

Ridiculously Powerful Belts

Backed by industry-leading technology, Gates high-performing synchronous belts and V-belts offer maximum power and take up minimal space. Skinnier drives reduce overhung load, increase bearing life, and cut maintenance time for significant cost savings.

Start doing more with less.

Is your belt drive more than two inches wide?

Gates can typically reduce overhung load and increase efficiency by replacing your current belt drive with a Poly Chain® GT® Carbon synchronous drive or Gates Predator® V-Belt. At half the width, these belts offer:

  • Ridiculous power through premium tensile cords
  • Increased uptime
  • No need for retensioning

Can you see the drive shaft?

If not, you may have an overhung load problem. Gates premium synchronous belts and V-belts can reduce the width and weight of your drive by:

  • Reducing overhung load
  • Minimizing bearing replacement
  • Reducing downtime costs

Are you experiencing frequent downtime?

Gates Predator® V-belts and Poly Chain® GT® Carbon belts handle the same power as competitors' belts that are twice as wide. Save more than you think by switching to Gates. Get:

  • Higher power density belts
  • Narrower pulleys

Contact a Gates engineer to learn how Gates ridiculously powerful belts can improve your application's efficiency.


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