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Save unnecessary costs and gain valuable time. Whether you're focused on maintaining your drives or are ready to convert them, Gates offers the power transmission solutions and expertise to keep you up and running.

Simple steps lead to significant savings. By assessing aging systems, considering energy efficient options and opting for low-maintenance drives, you generate a return that directly impacts your bottom line. Start asking:

Am I contending with frequent belt failure?

If you're replacing belts more than once a year, it's time to rethink your belt drive. Accurate belt failure diagnosis will open your eyes to cost-saving possibilities.

Are my drives operating at optimum efficiency?

Selecting the right belt drive can increase efficiency by at least 5% - providing deep energy savings. Use our energy savings calculator to estimate your savings.

Is messy roller chain weighing me down?

Roller chain drives require constant lubrication and regular retensioning, demanding extra maintenance and robbing valuable production time. Consider a Poly Chain® GT® Carbon belt drive to improve productivity. Choose from belts in standard sizes or new extended lengths for cost-saving benefits across a range of applications.

Are my V-belts giving me the longest life possible? How can I get the longest life from my V-belt? Aren't all V-belts created the same?

High temperatures, found in everywhere from hot environments to stifling belt guards, cause belts to crack and fail over time causing downtime and loss of production. Save valuable time and money by switching to our new patented EPDM molded notch V-belt construction. For more information about V-belt construction download our V-Belts Features and Benefits Guide.

Valuable savings are yours for the taking.



Locate the belts, sprockets and sheaves you need in this catalog complete with CAD models and 2D specification sheets.

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