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Put these finishing touches on your assemblies for maximum effectiveness and safety.

  • LifeGuard Line-of-Sight Sleeving System: The first true protection in line-of-sight hydraulic applications, the triple-layered LifeGuard™ sleeve contains bursts up to 10,000 psi and pinhole leaks up to 5,000 psi at 250°F for up to five minutes. No other flexible connection safeguards like it.

  • HeatGuard Protective Sheathing: Help protect your critical hoses and couplings from sparks, molten splash, heat and fire. The sheathing is constructed of tightly woven fiberglass on the inside and a specially compounded, heat-resistant silicone rubber on the outside.

  • MegaClean Hose System Cleanliness: Remove contamination, such as rubber dust, metal particles and contaminated oil, from hose and tube while reducing downtime and extending filter life.

Review detailed technical notes for more information about LifeGuard industry specifications, conductivity, dies and installation. You may also download the LifeGuard Line-of-Sight Sleeving Brochure, view the LifeGuard Case Study, or contact us for more information.


LifeGuard Installation Guide

Download step-by-step installation instructions for LifeGuard Line-of-Sight Sleeving.


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LifeGuard White Paper

Download a white paper on the safest alternative for protecting operators and personnel.

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